Eleanor S.
“I have been using The Right Touch for about 10 years. Denise pays attention to problem areas and uses different modalities to alleviate them. There are 2 other massage therapists and an acupuncturist in the office. It is a one stop experience. Each of them is very pleasant to deal with. If your relaxation is important to you, this is the place for you.”

Denise M. Stamford, CT
“Approximately 4 years ago I started massage therapy with Denise. I am not an easy client as I am a chronic pain patient. I have been told that I have fibromyalgia, several herniated discs in my spine, bursitis in both shoulders and hips and arthritis. Denise helps me tremendously in proving relief from my pain conditions. She performs many different techniques to provide relief, depending on what’s going on in my body. Denise is amazing at deep tissue work. She has a great ability to tune into the body, find and work through all the knots that ail us. Denise knows the body very well! I’m constantly asking her – so what’s that muscle? She always has a response and can explain what causes the pain.

I’ve also tried reflexology with Denise and found it to be incredibly relaxing, (so much that it puts me to sleep). I’ve noticed a significant improvement in the quality of my life since I started massage therapy with Denise. Personally, I believe massage therapy should be part of everyone’s life– it’s not a luxury, but a necessity to our well being. Denise loves her jobs very much and gets gratification from helping others. I look forward to my massages I just wish the hour and ½ would go slower.”

Kathy G. Norwalk, CT
“As a patient with severe tendonitis and fibromyalgia, making time for a therapeutic massage is a priority. Although I had tried other forms of body work, nothing has worked as well as Denise Drake’s therapeutic massage. Denise has that unique ability to be able to pinpoint the exact location of pain. She uses deep tissue massage for me, and combines it with trigger point therapy, and Reiki as needed. When she first met me two years ago, I was going through five separate surgeries for torn tendons, and was a solid block of pain. My muscles and connective tissue were immovable. Massage has a cumulative effect, and slowly but surely, I began to improve.

Seeing me now from the person I was two years ago is pretty incredible – and my doctor is so pleased. Denise knows how to lessen the effects of the tendonitis and swelling, how to ease the fibromyalgia, and how to get those hips and shoulders moving again.

I am so pleased with her treatment that I have brought my sister and my nephew onboard, and now I am bringing my elderly mother to be treated for her stenosis and back. Thanks to Denise Drake, I am starting to feel like a normal person again!”

Larry B. Stamford, CT
I began massage therapy fifteen years ago when it was suggested by a neurosurgeon as part of a treatment plan for my recurring back pain. Working with several therapists during the first four years, I met Denise Drake who at that time was providing therapy at the Darien YMCA. I followed Denise as she moved to two different office locations in Norwalk and then to the present attractive and comfortable building of Right Touch Massage Therapies in Wilton. Needless to say, I found massage therapy to be an effective part of my wellness program and Denise an excellent therapist.

Wendy B. Norwalk,CT
My monthly massage with Denise is one of the most important things I do to keep body and mind healthy and able to combat physical, emotional and mental stress. She expertly and gently eases even the most hidden knots and tension. Knowledge and experience are combined with keen intuition in a caring practice that extends well beyond the actual massage.

Joanie W. Southport,CT
“I have known the healing touch of Denise’s massage for almost 10 years. Denise has helped me through many difficult health issues, giving me an alternative to dealing with chronic pain and repetitive stress injuries. Without a doubt, Denise has impacted my health in a very positive way and my sessions with Denise have improved the overall quality of my life. Thank you, Denise.”

Dave S. Weston,CT
I have been going to The Right Touch Massage Therapy for many years. I have a chronic sciatic pain in my leg from back problems. After trying many different types of therapy, Denise has proven to be the answer for me. She has the knowledge , and ability to find that spot and relieve my pain. Denise is one of the most professional, and compassionate people I know. Thank you for all those pain free days.