Massage Terms and Definitions

Therapists at The Right Touch Massage Therapies understand that you may not be familiar with massage and the common terms we use most frequently to describe our services. We have put together some pages to inform, and educate you about our techniques and explain the different massage methods so you can choose what you will benefit from most!

Swedish Massage
is a very relaxing soothing treatment. The strokes are long and smooth with gentle to medium pressure. The entire body is worked on in a very slow methodical manner, which will provide improved circulation and stimulation to the body’s nervous system and revitalize the skin.

Hot Stone Massage
is using heated Basalt Stones with jojoba oil directly on the skin to provide an extraordinarily relaxing and soothing massage treatment. My hot stone massage is “my massage” and then adding stones to areas of the body that are holding tension.Stones will also be placed on your body focusing on your bodies chakras.

Deep Tissue Massage
techniques are especially effective on chronic muscle tension. The pressure applied is deep and specific and can include friction, cross fiber, trigger point work and is overall greater pressure.

is a method which involves pressure and massage of the reflex points found on the feet and hands. The theory behind reflexology is that every muscle and organ inour body is mapped out on the feet and hands. Through stimulation of the circulatory and lymphatic systems, and by encouraging the release of toxin, reflexology promotes the body to heal itself.The techniques used are very relaxing and result in an overall sense of well being.Each of us has vital energy or life force which circulates between the organs of the body, and on a cellular level within the muscle tissue. If this energy becomes blocked, the part of the body relating to the blockage is affected. By using specific pressure techniques, they can be detected through the experience of pain,or through the presence of “gritty areas”, often referred to as crystal deposits. These occur in the part of the foot or hand that relates to the part of the body that is in imbalance. The massage techniques used are designed to dissipate energy blocks and break down crystalline structures. Massaging the feet and or hands with reflexology techniques can provide relief throughout the body.

enhances the benefits of massage by adding a unique sensory experience.Essential oils have physiological and psychological actions on the body. Essential oils can support or increase certain effects your massage therapist is trying to elicit.

Myofascial Release
is a very specialized hands on technique that provides sustained pressure into the connective tissue to eliminate pain and restore motion. The fascia, or connective tissue is similar in appearance to a sweater. The fascia system is very densely woven fibers, that are interpenetrating every muscle, nerve, bone, artery, vein, and includes all of our internal organs. The most interesting aspect is that it is one structure that exists from head to foot without interruption.

Couples Massage
is offered at the same time (not in the same room). You and a friend, spouse, loved one, mother, daughter can experience a relaxing massage. This is a nice way to introduce someone to the benefits of massage that you may have already experienced or a great way to celebrate a special occasion, end a hectic work week or kick off a vacation.

Pre & Post Natal Massage
soothes nerves and relieves strained back and leg muscles. Massage helps to stimulate soft tissue to reduce edema or swelling of the joints during pregnancy. Pregnancy massage is especially beneficial in the second and third trimesters when the extra weight can put a strain on your low back, sciatic nerve and legs. Your therapist will make sure your body gets the cushioning and support it needs using pillows and special bolstering techniques. Your therapist is a certified prenatal massage therapist. She knows how to address specific pregnancy needs and is trained to be aware of sensitive pressure points on the body. Massage therapy can be incorporated into your routine prenatal care. Always consult your health care provider before beginning any new therapeutic practice.

Special Events
Offering chair massage at your next corporate event is a great way to promote your business and reward your employees. Chair massage can contribute to a company’s success by making your employees more productive and creative because they are relaxed and rejuvenated. Chair massage can also be used to compliment a grand opening, special promotion or annual health fair. It is often the most popular venue at a corporate event or health fair. Employees can benefit in so many ways by receiving a 15-minute chair massage. Massage relieves fatigue and lowers anxiety. It strengthens your immune system which decreases employee absenteeism. Massage can be used to reward employees for a job well done and boost morale. Consider including us at your next “special event”.

Private Parties
Massage and facials make a great bridal party gift or “special” birthday or anniversary gift. Our therapists will work with you to create a great package of relaxing rejuvenating massage and wonderful refreshing facials for your guests. Let us take the stress away from you so you can enjoy your day!